SMA Studios

SMA Studios, the production arm of Seattle Mosaic Arts, developed as a natural offshoot of the studio.  We realized that combining the resources of the studio with the combined talents of the staff and other mosaicists, we were perfectly situated to produce mosaics for commissions and other larger projects. We have found that working as a team has really augmented the process.  Not only do we have the benefit of group creative input, but the team approach also allows for efficient progression through the steps of the process, ensuring timely completion of the commissioned work.


We accept commissions for private, commercial and public mosaics.  We will work with the client from inspiration phase on, to help create the right mosaic for your space.  Our methodology allows for great variety of involvement.  We can do all the design, production and installation for you, or a very fun and personal option, we can work with you to help you have a direct hands on experience with creating the mosaic for your space.

For more information re: commissions please contact us.

Group and Community Based Projects

Because we utilize the extremely friendly and easy double indirect method, the opportunities to create gorgeous group projects are endless.  We can do both small and large scale installations with a wide variety of community involvement.  For example, as a fund raising/development campaign we can help you design a growing mosaic that any number of people can work easily on, from kids to adults of all abilities.  This method allows us to envision installations and group community projects from a simply wall hanging all the way to large scale outdoor installations.  Contact us to begin this exciting, creative process.

Check out these current on-going community projects either sponsored by SMA or working in collaboration with:

  • The Abortion Quilt: Help destigmatize abortion care and fundraise to help women around the country
  • The Seattle Honors Project: Founded by long time beloved SMA member Kathi Bulfin, this non profit supports wonderful local nonprofits and promotes mosaic art in the community.
  • The Metamorphosis Community Mosaic Mural with Jennifer Kuhns: An Olympia WA community mural
  • The Mosaic of Andreina: A public art project conceived by the artist Andreina Giorgia Carpenito. SMA has been partnering with Andreina to create over 200 rosettes for the project. What a great way to connect with an international community and to spread love and mosaics! Contact us if you would like to participate.