June 2023 Update:

The response to this project has been amazing and is still going strong. Our commitment it to keep this meaningful project continue until there are solid reproductive rights for all in this country. Since the Dobb’s decision more than 14 states have either actual total bans on abortion or else so restrictive that help is basically unavailable.

Since starting this project people have made over 1000 triangles! We have completed 4 diamonds and are working on several more. Diamonds are also being made throughout the country in solidarity with us. And we have raised over $7000 for abortion access and support. Please continue to spread the word about this project. We need all hands involved!


The Abortion Quilt

Access to a safe abortion care is critical to all of us. Even if you have not personally had an abortion, without a doubt people close to you have. This beautiful community mosaic project visually demonstrates how abortion is part of all of our lives.

Our hope is to transform this local project into a national movement and help end this madness. It takes 128 small triangles to create this 5’x3′ diamond. These ever growing diamonds can then be “quilted” together to create a stunning, powerful mural. Please help us showcase this reality by adding your “color” to this quilt.

The concept for the quilt is simple. People mosaic small 4” triangles to represent the impact abortion has in their lives. These small triangles are then pieced together into a growing mural. The colors represent the different ways abortion effects us:

  • Oranges: I had an abortion
  • Yellows: My partner had an abortion
  • Greens: A member of my family had an abortion
  • Blues: A friend had an abortion

It is very easy to become involved. No mosaic experience is necessary. 

  1. Come to the studio to create your own triangle. If you have been to the studio before and know how to mosaic just come by. If you are new to the studio it is best to Contact us to either set up a time to so we can help you get started.
  2. Order a triangle kit to work on at home.Here is some basic info we will need:
    • What color group you would like for your triangle
    • Do you want to create at home or at our studio?
    • Nipping or no nipping? It is easiest for beginners to use no nip glass and usually a better option for large groups. Nipping is fun and easy and we have a video to show you how but it does require nippers ($38) if you don’t already have them.
    • We are asking $5/triangle to cover costs but are also fundraising for Northwest Abortion Access Fund so that any payments over $5 will go directly to helping support women in need. Just let us know what you would like to contribute through us or contact them directly if you want to receive appropriate donation documentation.

3. Host an Abortion Mosaic Gathering. We have had folks host gatherings at their home, at their office and even in a brewery. We have everything organized to make this very very easy to do. We have sample invitations, easy to follow instructions and lots of support. We can  pack plenty of glass that doesn’t need nipping so that even complete beginners can participate. Also a great way for you to fundraise yourself for this important cause.

We have lots of material to make contributing to this project easy. Please contact us for any questions.  Here is a sampling of pdf’s we can send you:

  1. How to Host A Triangle Event
  2. Sample Invitation to copy and edit 
  3. How to Guide to print out on your table to help folks know what to do
  4. Flyer to promote the project
  5. Email sign up form
  6. Donation Pledge Form
  7. List of recommended Abortion related charities