The Abortion Quilt

Access to a safe abortion care is critical to all of us. Even if you have not personally had an abortion, without a doubt people close to you have. We are hoping to showcase this reality with a group mosaic project.

If you or someone dear to you has had an abortion please show this by adding your “color” to this quilt. Your small triangle of color will be pieced together with all the other triangles to create a beautiful symbolic ever growing mural that will help with the important work of destigmatizing abortion and supporting reproductive freedom. Color choices for the quilt will be as follows:

  • Oranges: I have had an abortion
  • Yellows: My partner has had an abortion
  • Greens: A member of my family has had an abortion
  • Blues: A dear friend has had an abortion

It is very easy to become involved. No mosaic experience is necessary. Contact us to either set up a time to come create your triangle in our beautiful studio or we can pack you up a kit so that you can work at home. 

Here is some basic info we will need:

  • What color group you would like for your triangle
  • Do you want to create at home or at our studio?
  • Do you have experience making mosaics and already have tools? This will help us be sure to pack up the best style of tiles for you to use.
  • We are asking $5/triangle to cover costs but are also fundraising for Northwest Abortion Access Fund so that any payments over $5 will go directly to helping support women in need. Just let us know what you would like to contribute through us or contact them directly if you want to receive appropriate donation documentation.