Mosaics At Home

If you have been to our studio before all the steps will be familiar for you. If you are new here is brief videoexplaining the technique in general.


  • Choose one of the kit options below and either email us or give us a call (206-402-6642) and we can go over the details with you. 
  • We pack up your kit and arrange a time for an appropriate social distanced drive by pickup.
  • For those of you too excited to wait for us to create your custom kit we do have several pre-packed mandala and mirror kits ready for immediate piurchase.
  • TOOLS: If you don’t have nippers already you will also want to purchase a pair from us ($38). This is the main tool you need for home. Crafting tweezers are also nice but not necessary ($10).
  • Watch video tutorials on how to nip and work with the materials.
  • We are available daily for questions and support.
  • Return your designed mosaic and we will do the cementing and grouting for you and call you when your masterpiece
  • If none of these options are to your fancy just let us know what you are dreaming of and we will try to make it happen.


Kit Options


Make your own Jack-O-Lantern

This 8″ wide pumpkin kit comes with all the glass you need to create your own happy or scary or funny face. The perfect halloween decoration for your wall or fence. 

  • 8″ custom Pumpkin wall hanging
  • $65 













Fall Tree Mosaic

We have had lots of requests for specific tree kit. This 12″ square wallhanging or garden stone comes with the outline of the tree and enough glass to decorate with as many leaves as you would like. Simple but very satisfying to create 

  • 12″ square
  • Let us know if you would prefer wallhanging or garden stone
  • $95 











Leaf Wallhanging


A perfect fall season simple kit. This 5″ round wallhanging is a quick and easy gift or decoration for your home. 

  • 5″  wall hanging
  • $65 














Mosaic Frames



These 4″x 6″ frames make great gifts and are an easy way to learn to mosaic and create something beautiful. Let us know what general colors you would like for this frame and we will pack up a kit for you

  • 4″x6″ Picture Frame $65 











Mosaic Mirrors



These beautiful mirrors make a great gift or addition to your home. 

Choose a colorway from below and we will create a custom kit for you

  • Reds
  • Muted pinks
  • Oranges
  • Yellows
  • Browns
  • Greens (light or dark)
  • Teals
  • Blues (light or dark)
  • Muted purples
  • Blacks and greys
  • Whites



  • 15″ Oval $140
  • 13″ Round $135

















Mosaic Mandalas

These kits are perfect for beginners and experienced mosaicists alike. They look great no matter what and are very centering to create.

  • Choose from one of the 6 template options below.
  • Tell us general colors that you would like to use.
  • Choose your base: garden stone or wallhanging.
  • $95














Mosaic Butterflies 

These are also fun and easy and look great.

  • These beautiful creatures (8″x11″) can hang indoors or out. 
  • Choose which template you like.
  • Let us know which colors you fancy.
  • $95




Mosaic your Home

We can’t believe how popular and successful these houses have been. Even though they look a little complicated we have figured out ways to make it easy even for beginners.

  • Send us a photo of your home and we will turn it into a mosaic template
  • Your mosaic house will become a 12″ square and go on either a garden stone or wall hanging  
  • $165


Mosaic House Numbers 

What home doesn’t need a beautiful mosaic’ed sign to let everyone know your address!

  • Let us know your house #’s
  • Choose a number color, a border color and a background color
  • 2 sizes available
       5″x 12″ $60
       8″x 18″ $110



Custom Mosaics 

We can work with you to help you make a mosaic of almost anything. Here are some popular images you can use as a template for your mosaic but…it is also very easy to google “simple line drawing” of an image. As long as it looks a little like these (think simple coloring book) we can make a kit from any image. 

  • Choose a template from below or send us one of your own.
  • Tell us up to 6 colors that you would like.
  • Choose your base: garden stone or wall hanging.
  • Size options: 6″($65),  9″($80) or 12″($95) square.
  • Custom sized wall hangings available – just ask!