The Metamorphosis Community Mosaic Mural in Olympia, WA with Jennifer Kuhns


The Metamorphosis Mural is spearheaded by our friend and teacher, Jennifer Kuhns and will be a showcase of the Fall Olympia Art Walk. Jennifer describes the the theme of this mural as a celebration of diversity and inclusivity, personal and societal transformation, and of individuals becoming their most authentic selves. Jennifer believes that art, and especially community-based projects such as this can help to amplify the voices of the participants. The foundation of the concept is rooted in Jennifer’s conviction that a diverse society is stronger, richer and more fun than homogeneity. “When we embrace each other’s differences, we all benefit from the unique strengths that we collectively bring to the table.” 

Jennifer has lots to say about the meaning and symbolism of the butterfly (usually a Monarch) in many different cultures, including Mexican and Pacific NW tribes. It is a often seen as a symbol of transformation, metamorphosis, beauty, balance, and grace.

Jennifer’s hope is to include as many voices as possible of those who are marginalized and those who support them in a message of solidarity. We are so honored to add our hands.

Available thru Aug 20, 2023

  • $65/butterfly as a take home kit or custom class done at studio by appointment
  • Members: $25/butterfly
  • Please contact us if you would like to add your handiwork to this fabulous project