At Seattle Mosaic Arts, we encourage you to become a member and then use our studio to keep your home free from the mess and sneaky glass shards in the carpet. We also offer a huge selection of tiles and supplies for purchase.

  • With our selection of hundreds of colors and types of mosaic tiles, you feel a bit like a kid in a candy shop. We sell our tiles by weight, allowing you to buy just the amount you need – small bags at a time.
  • We are the only store in the Seattle area (or even in the country, as far as we know) that has this variety of mosaic tiles. As a mosaic artist, you know how helpful, and unusual, it is to be able to pick and choose small volumes of many different colors and styles of tesserae.
  • We also sell supplies such as nippers, tile tape, contact paper, tools
  • Come in and see our selection!
  • Take Home Kits  are available and a great way to get started.