Seattle Honors Project


Seattle Mosaic Arts is thrilled to be working with our very own amazing Kathi Bulfin on this exciting project. During a 2018 summer mosaic class in Ravenna, Italy Kathi noticed mosaic plaques throughout the city, on banks, restaurants, homes, and businesses of all types. These beautiful works of art were created to raise funds in support of women and children who were victims of domestic violence. The idea to replicate the Ravenna fundraiser here in Seattle Washington was born.

 In 2020 the Seattle Honors Project was launched with the guidance and support of the amazing staff and artists at Seattle Mosaic Arts. This nonprofit organization makes a difference by combining three unique goals:

  • SHP contributes money to local nonprofit organizations.
  • SHP increases public appreciation for mosaic arts by placing mosaic plaques throughout the city.
  • SHP raises public consciousness around social justice issues by reflecting our shared values.

We hope you will join us on this journey to reflect, honor, and improve our beautiful city. If you want to participate either by helping create these beautiful plaques or by purchasing and hanging them throughout the city, please contact SHP directly.