Our Method

Design your mosaic using our modified traditional method known as the Double Indirect Method. It is an extremely flexible and creative technique that allows you to work at a relaxed pace and rearrange pieces as much as desired. It is a simple yet highly satisfying way to make a mosaic, allowing for creativity and spontaneity. While the design process is flexible and almost painterly, the final product is solid, functional and permanent.

The method involves two temporary stages before adhering the mosaic to a permanent base. The basic steps are:

  • The first temporary stage is designing on clear sticky paper. This sticky paper holds the tiles enough so that they don’t move every time you bump the mosaic and allows you to store your mosaic easily, but not enough to make changing your mind difficult.
  • The second temporary stage involves “face fronting” the designed mosaic, using a much stronger sticky paper, known as tile tape. This allows the mosaic to be lifted off of the design paper easily and safely moved until it is set into the cement or other adhesive
  • The next step is to permanently adhere your mosaic to whatever base you are using. We generally use cement for this, but other adhesives can be used, depending on the desired effect
  • The final stage, grouting your project, pulls everything together.