Making Mosaics in our Studio

Our method of making mosaics makes it extremely easy for total beginners to come and start creating We offer a full spectrum of choices. Come in anytime and begin a mosaic project from our extensive mosaic menu. We guide you through the design phase, all the “glory work” as we say, and then simply leave your project for us to do the messy parts (cementing and grouting) or you can learn the whole process by becoming a member. As a member you have full use of the studio space to create your own mosaics with an endless array of possibilities.

All the fun, none of the fuss

  • Start a project anytime. No experience needed.
  • Choose what you want to mosaic from our wide selection of mosaic projects.
  • We guide you through the design process, teaching you how work with the tiles, and then we set you loose in our beautiful studio space to choose from hundreds of styles and types of glass tiles.
  • Take as long as you need to create your mosaic (it doesn’t have to be completed in one day). When you are done, leave it with us to cement and grout for you.
  • Come back in 1-2 weeks to pick up your beautiful completed mosaic

Become a member and learn the craft as you go

  • If you are interested in making more than one or two mosaics, then becoming a member is a great idea. You save money and join a community of mosaic enthusiasts
  • Design your mosaic as above, but this time you will learn each step of the process as you complete your own project.
  • Once you have learned our method, you may work on your own projects in our studio space whenever the studio is open, with access to all our glass and grouting and cementing stations.

Theme Nights, Classes and Workshops

  • We offer a wide variety of ways for playing and learning in more organized settings. We offer classes and workshops for all levels, absolute beginners to very seasoned mosaic artists, as well as our highly regarded Visiting Artist Series.
  • Our monthly Theme Nights are much like a studio sponsored mosaic party.  Each evening we  focus on a smallish project that can be designed/completed in one sitting. We provide music and snacks and it is a great way to gather with friends, new and old, and create something beautiful.

Custom Projects / Parties

  • If you have a custom project in mind such as a specific gift or occasion, home installation like a backsplash,fireplace surround, retaining wall.., or any other special project, you can meet with us for a consultation and we can help you design and create your project.
  • If you want us to create the mosaic for you, SMA Studios does commissions of all levels.
  • We also offer several different ways to host Mosaic Parties – either in our beautiful studio or in your home or office.  Please ask for details.

Options for Kids

  • In general, our studio is geared to adults.  Children over 12 are welcome with adult supervision.
  • We also offer Kid-Friendly Hours (1st & 3rd Sundays 10-12) when we welcome younger children with adult supervision.  We set up a separate table for the adults to do the nipping of the glass and we set out lots of  kid-friendly glass.
  • We also have many Take Home Kits where you can work with your young child at home, bringing back the designed mosaic for us to cement and grout
  • We have many options for birthday parties too.  Please contact us for any questions

Buy materials and make mosaics at home

  • We sell all the necessary supplies, and we can teach you everything you need to know to make mosaics at home.
  • We also have many kits and packages available so that you can make mosaics at work for team building projects, for auctions for schools or other organizations, and for parties at home.