Seattle Mosaic Arts welcomes Refract Participants!

Glass mosaics and glass fusing are great ways to create beautiful things with glass. Our studio, filled with over 400 colors and types of glass for mosaics and fusing is the perfect place to spend an evening or afternoon during the Refract 2019 experience. We are offering several taster classes for Refract Participants, as well as our regular classes.


Quick-Starter Classes 

Make something beautiful for your home or as a gift. This short and fun class gives a taste of how fun and simple it is to make a mosaic in our studio.  The class teaches you how to work with and nip glass and ceramic tiles. You will learn design basics as you create a mosaic.  Leave the completed mosaic with us to do the messy cementing and grouting and come back later to pick up your completed masterpiece!

Typically the Quick-Starter Class involves making a 6″ square that can become a wall hanging, garden stone or trivet, but we have lots of other options and upgrades available.

We understand that schedules can be crazy. We will always try to accommodate to yours. Please contact us  for any questions or to arrange a private Quick Starter class. For artists younger than 12 please look at our kid options.

  • Level: All levels
  • Cost: $55 – all materials included  


Fused Nightlights with Janie Yakovlevitch 

Create a sweet night light for the upcoming autumn evenings and dark nights and experiment with glass fusing. Here in Seattle we must make sure we are prepared for the disappearing sun – get ready to add some light to the dark evenings! These night lights are perfect to shine gentle light in your bathroom or hallway, or a child’s room.

Choose from our extensive selection of fusing glass and supplies to make a charming scene or abstract design – come with a design in mind or we will have lots of ideas for you. This class is a great way to get introduced the amazing versatile are of glass fusing

  • Level: All levels
  • Cost: $65 – all materials included  



Glass on Glass Mosaic Votives 

Let the light shine through. These beautiful votive candle holders just glow and make a perfect antidote to the darker nights. Glass on glass mosaics are a fun and easy way to achieve a stained glass look in much less time and often using much smaller pieces of glass. You will learn the basic steps to mosaic making as you create this beauty.

Class includes:

  • Brief introduction to mosaic techniques, including nipping, design and materials
  • Access to our huge glass and tile selection
  • We do the messy finishing and grouting for you, ready for pickup or mailing in 2 weeks.
  • Level: All levels
  • Cost: $75 – all materials included


Intro to Mosaics

Learn the basics of how to design a mosaic, lay and cut tiles, cement, and grout. This two day class features the traditional double-indirect mosaic method. We work on a smallish mosaic (6″ square) for this workshop so that you will be able to complete your mosaic during the class.

  • During the first session, you’ll learn all about mosaic methods and tools. You will learn to make a template, design your mosaic, and how to nip and work with tiles.
  • During the second session you’ll learn all about transferring and cementing and will then cement your mosaic.
  • There will be a grout demonstration and you’ll take home grout to do that step at home.
  • All materials are provided in the class. No mosaic experience required.
    • You will design your mosaic on the first day. The studio will be open until 6pm so if you want to plan to stay longer that is always an option. It is always hard to predict how long it takes!!   
  • Level: All levels
  • Cost: $175 – all materials included

We understand that schedules can be crazy. We will always try to accommodate to yours. Please contact us  for any questions or to arrange a Private Intro to Mosaics ($225)  class.


Introduction to Glass Fusing with Janie Yakovlevitch 

In this fun one-day class instructor Janie Yakovlevitch introduces the basics of glass fusing. Students will work with a wide variety of materials and tools as they play and  explore the many materials and techniques available in fusing.  There is so much potential – come see what is possible!

Class includes:

  • Lecture presentation on fusing history, types of kilns, glass characteristics
  • Learning to use a wide range of fusible glass materials including compatible sheet glass, frits and powders, glass rods, confetti and stringers
  • Cutting techniques and use of a myriad of glass tools
  • Students will see examples of the many different effects that can be achieved by combining different types and qualities of fusible glass, as well as working with inclusions such as metal and gold and silver leaf
  • Rigging and hanging mechanisms for decorations and small plaques will be demonstrated
  • If you are a member, this class is a pre-requisite for further fusing here at the studio.
  • Level: All levels
  • Cost: $165 – all materials included