Visiting Artist Series


Quick-Release Mosaic: A Series in Monochrome with  Kelley Knickerbocker

In this two-day innovative workshop you’ll learn to free up your creative flow and discover how to think in series, carrying aspects of one work through to others as you develop a cohesive body of work. Working only in the full range of one color, students will execute three 5” x 5” mosaic treatments of one abstract design. And of course along the way you’ll be actively learning about cutting, setting, and working with cement bonding mortar as an adhesive and design element. In this process you’ll learn to:

  • Trust your instincts (there are myriad “right” decisions; pick any one!)
  • Make decisions quickly (keep moving forward, stop futzing) and learn to problem-solve on the fly.
  • Use constraints (limited color palette, size, time, design) to move through the paralysis of too many ideas and materials.
  • Plumb the magic effects of monochrome (value, gradient and contrast).

This workshop is designed to interest and challenge mosaic practitioners of all experience levels. A good understanding of basic mosaic principles and vocabulary is helpful but not necessary.

  • Date: Sat-Sun Mar 2-3  10:00-5:00
  • Level: All levels
  • Cost: $350 – all materials included

10_30_2014KellyVisual artist Kelley Knickerbocker began studying mosaic in 2005 with various artists around the US, then left a 22-yr administrative career at the University of Washington in 2006 to found a mosaic studio (Rivenworks Mosaics, Seattle) and begin designing/ fabricating/installing mosaic artwork for public, commercial, residential and gallery environments. Kelley’s ruggedly dimensional mosaic artworks – in natural materials, found objects, sometimes even the waste of the studio process itself, such as paper towels and random blobs of hardened cement mortar – are a textural distillation of her fascination with contrast, material properties and the technical challenges of mosaic construction.  Her work is widely collected and regularly exhibited in the US and abroad. Believing that interaction with other art makers is key to the freshness and depth of her mosaic practice, Kelley travels extensively speaking, collaborating, and teaching in-depth workshops on mosaic style and technique.