Mosaic Initials (or numbers)


This class is a fun way to make a sweet gift or decoration for your home. Mosaic initials are easy to make and are a great way to decorate a room. You will learn the basics of making mosaics even as you make something beautiful.
Class includes:

  • Brief introduction to mosaic techniques, including nipping, design and materials
  • Use of our vast supply of beautiful glass and tiles
  • Custom pre-ordered letter bases (6.5″ tall) of your choosing

This workshop is 4 hours long and most people will be able to create 3 letters in that time frame. Additional letters can be ordered for longer word/name but we recommend a simpler design in this case so you will have time to finish. Once you have registered we will email you for info re: what letters or numbers you would like.

Level: All levels
Cost: $70 for up to 3 letters, additional letters $20/each