Introduction to Glass Fusing with Janie Yakovlevitch


In this fun one-day class instructor Janie Yakovlevitch introduces the basics of glass fusing. Students will work with a wide variety of materials and tools as they play and  explore the many materials and techniques available in fusing.  There is so much potential – come see what is possible!

Class includes:

  • Lecture presentation on fusing history, types of kilns, glass characteristics
  • Learning to use a wide range of fusible glass materials including compatible sheet glass, frits and powders, glass rods, confetti and stringers
  • Cutting techniques and use of a myriad of glass tools
  • Students will see examples of the many different effects that can be achieved by combining different types and qualities of fusible glass, as well as working with inclusions such as metal and gold and silver leaf
  • Rigging and hanging mechanisms for decorations and small plaques will be demonstrated
  • If you are a member, this class is a pre-requisite for further fusing here at the studio.

Level: All levels
Cost: $165 – all materials included
Note: This class focuses on fusing fundamentals. Students will create up to (4) 3″ square samplers that can become small dishes or coasters

Private Fusing Instruction: Members may sign up for private training with fusing director Janie Yakovlevitch to learn either the basic fusing technique as taught in our Intro class, or for more specific advanced technique instruction such as slumping, kiln carving, layered firings…).

  • Private Intro $195
  • Advanced study w/ Janie $35/half hour
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