Glass “Sugar” Skulls with Janie Yakovlevitch


Celebrate Dia de los Muertos and create a Day of the Dead “sugar” skull made of glass. Classically, sugar skulls represent departed souls and are placed on home altars or gravestones in honor and remembrance of those most dear to us. Sugar skulls are typically decorated in classic Mexican folk art style with big happy smiles, colorful “icing” and glittery adornments. We do all of this with glass!

This class is a great introduction to the Pâte de Verre (French for “paste of glass”) technique, which uses granules of glass in molds to create sculptural forms. We provide the plaster mold and will teach pâte de verre methods and design options. Learn how to use glass powders as you paint and decorate your skull. After decorating the mold with frits and powders, you then fill the shell with glass paste. Pieces are fired in the kiln and the result is a relatively hollow form that, despite its delicate sugar-and-icing appearance, is a strong and long-lasting object.

Course covers:

  • Understanding Pâte de Verre and the many possibilities of this glass art
  • Mold making for fusing
  • Working with glass powders and frits as “paints”

Level:   All levels. No previous experience with mosaics or fusing necessary
Cost:    $125 all materials included

About Janie

Janie Yakovlevitch, nurse practitioner and glass artist, fits perfectly with our trend of medicine and mosaics. She has a long history of working with glass as a flameworker, and owner of GlassPassions. She began making mosaics at our studio fall of 2010 and officially joined the team as our “Fusing Director” in 2012. She runs the fusing program at SMA and is a constant inspiration to all of us, as she creates amazing backsplashes and other installations, combining all of her different glass working skills into stunning mosaics.