Visiting Artist Series

Express Yourself – Creating Mosaic Fingerprints with Kathi Bulfin 

Fingerprint mosaics celebrate the unique gifts of an individual while allowing you to practice your mosaic skills with our very own Kathi Bulfin. Using your own fingerprint (or one from someone dear to you) this 12” x 16” mosaic makes a great present that is both personal and artistically engaging. 

Class includes:

  • Techniques for capturing a good fingerprint
  • Design tricks to emphasize whorls 
  • How to nip and work with glass, tiles, words, and other small treasures

During the workshop you will complete the design of your fingerprint and leave the completed artwork for us to mount. You are encouraged to bring in beads, very small significant objects, tiny shells, charms, or other small materials (think less than 3/8”) to use as special tesserae. 

*If you are planning on using the fingerprint from another person, please let us know. We will send you a handout with tips for collecting a useable print.

Date: Sat May 4 10:00-4:00
Level: All Levels
Cost: $165 – all materials are included


Kathi Bulfin is a phenomenal woman. She has a diverse career in education, landscaping, parenting, political activism and just about anything else you can think of. She began creating mosaics in 2013 and has been going steady ever since. She invented this finger print mosaic technique and we are lucky she is willing to share it with us.