Beaded and Bejeweled Mosaic Pendants and Magnets 


Come create your own beautiful mosaic pendants and bottle cap magnets. Using an amazing adhesive putty called Apoxie Sculpt, you will design directly into your pendant and bottle cap bases. This wonderful product allows for great ease in adhering even the tiniest beads. Use a variety of beads and small tiles to create miniature mosaic treasures. Leave your mini mosaics with us to be grouted and come back in a few days to pick up your masterpieces! This is a great chance to work on a small scale and come away with something functional to be proud of.

Apoxie Sculpt is a two-part, sculptable adhesive putty that makes mosaicking with tiny tiles or beads a fun, satisfying experience. It is non-toxic, takes only a minute to mix and has great working time and shelf life. Come see what this wonder product is all about while making beautiful jewelry in this fun 3-hour class!

Class includes:

  • Instruction on best techniques for working on a small scale mosaic
  • Simple glass cutting techniques, with emphasis on how to make very small cuts
  • Best ways to work beads into your mosaic – both strung and loose
  • Learning the ins and outs of Apoxie Sculpt as an adhesive
  • Materials to make up to 3 pendants – choose from a variety of shapes – and 1 bottle cap magnet; additional pendants/magnets available if time allows, at an individual price per piece

Level: All levels
Cost: $85 – all materials included